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LASE Pro-Audio 11 in 1 Multi-Cable Tester for testing most cable combination.
New ! LASE Pro-Audio 11-in -1 Multi-Cable Tester.
analyzing virtually any type of cable combination !

The LASE Pro-Audio 11-in -1 Multi-Cable Tester is a professional-quality audio cable tester that allows you to test a variety of cables with a single device. The unit can test cables with a combination of USB (Type A to Type B), 1/4" TRS, 3.5mm jack, 3-Pin XLR Male and Female, RCA Phono, 4-Pin and 8-Pin Speakon, S-video Type, MIDI, 8-Pin Din, and RJ-45 (Ethernet) connectors.

QUICK TESTING: Offers easy way to make sure your audio cables are working properly. Supports nearly all cable types used in the sound recording industry. Definitely, an all-in-one solution to help identify cable continuity issues in your audio setup.LED INDICATOR light panel features 8 indicators that let you know if your cable has full continuity and which pins are functioning or broken. That way you can repair any broken pins or purchase a new cable while you still have time.This incredibly portable audio solution is a must-have for sound engineers and musicians alike.A 9 volt Battery operated unit.